Priscilla with Lara Fabian!

Don’t touch my TV (or Priscilla)


Priscilla was on a show called Touche Pas √† Mon Poste (Don’t touch my TV), which aired on the 9th of November. It’s some kind of discussion show. There were lots of people discussing…things. It didn’t seem like a serious show, but talking about entertainment news and such.

Somewhere in the middle of the two-hour show Priscilla was introduced, and she entered with none other than Lara Fabian. They sat next to each other and discussed things with the host and other people. They showed clips of Priscilla on DALS and Flashdance. Fabian was there to promote her new album, and they showed a clip of her new music video and the song seemed nice. Fabian also sang a lot, not full songs but short clips.





The last picture from Priscilla’s Instagram.

Priscilla singing “La Diff√©rence” (1997) by Fabian a couple of years ago: @YouTube

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