The world of Priscilla


Tells you her secrets

Manon (April 2004, n°8)

The world of Priscilla


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She’s only 14 but already released her third album, “Une fille comme moi” [A girl like me]. Discover her world …

A new Priscilla?

“I think I’ve changed since the beginning of my career. On my last album, I even found that my voice had evolved. In fact, I grew up and it shows! “

School and singing

“Mom organizes my schedule so that I don’t miss school. As I live in Nice, when I go to Paris, it is often on Wednesday or on weekends. The condition from my parents for me to continue singing? To get good grades in school, so … “

Préscillia became Priscilla

“My parents named me Préscillia, but for singing I chose to change my name to Priscilla.”

Actress Priscilla

“I shot the movie: “Albert est méchant”. The atmosphere was super nice because I was the smallest of the shoot, and everyone explained to me many things. But I don’t want to become an actress, I prefer to devote my time to singing!”[Maybe one day she can combine acting and singing. 😀 ]

Friends of Prissou

“I have a best friend to whom I tell everything. Then with my friends from school I do not really talk about my singing career. I know some girls are jealous, but I don’t give them attention. Anyway, I have my group of friends and it changes nothing with them!

How well do you know Priscilla?

1. Her real name is?
a – Agathe
b – Préscillia
c – Priscilla

2. She was discovered in the television show:
a – Drôles de petits champions
b – Graine de star
c – Graines de champions

3. Priscilla lives in:
a – Paris
b – Bordeaux
c – Nice

4. The first hit of Priscilla was called …
a – Tchouk Tchouk Musik
b – Quand je serai jeune
c – Toujours pas d’amour


1-b, 2-a, 3-c, 4-b.

You have between 3 and 4 correct answers:

Wow! You are unbeatable on this young star. Congratulations!

You have between 0 and 2 correct answers:

Blah, blah! Maybe you don’t know that well this Miss Priscilla. Then quickly discover her latest album: “Une fille comme moi”!

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