Lorie, Britney, Piscilla – Three girls on top

Priscilla – “My fans always find my mobile phone number!”

Teenager (December 2003)


Some excerpts from the interview:

A casting agent for the movie Albert est méchant saw Priscilla’s picture in a magazine and contacted her record company.

Priscilla did theather in school and her teachers thought she had a good presence.

The interviewer asks why Priscilla’s name doesn’t start with the letter ´S´ like her sisters’ names Sandra and Severine. She says her mother initially wanted to name her Samantha. She also says she doesn’t like her name that much, and prefers the nickname Prissou.

The 2004 tour is mentioned, the tour which was eventually cancelled.

Priscilla was starstruck on the set of Albert est méchant, but the other actors were friendly. Arielle Dombasle wrote in Priscilla’s diary “to my little fictitious daughter”.

Priscilla was nervous when performing at Olympia, but tried to hide it. Performing there gave her confidence in later performances. This interview was done just before Priscilla’s concert at Palais des Congrès de Paris in December 2003.

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