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Alizée and Grégoire married!

Alizée and Grégoire got married on Saturday the 18th of June in Alizée’s hometown of Ajaccio, Corsica. The guests included many members of the DALS family, among them many dancers and at least some of the judges. Alizée’s 11-year-old daughter

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Red head Priscilla on the red carpet

Priscilla attended two red carpet events in June. The first one was Gold Prix de la TNT on June 9th, some kind of TV show award show in Paris. The second was the 55th Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco on

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Summer love from Southern France

Both Priscilla and Alizée have hometowns on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea; Priscilla is from Nice in Southern France right next to Monaco, and Alizée lives in Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon, on the island of Corsica. Here are

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Priscilla and Alizée with Stars 80 at Stade de France

Priscilla and Alizée on the same stage! (Not at the same time, though.) On Saturday May 9th, both Priscilla and Alizée performed with Stars 80, a group that performs hits from the 80s. Saturday’s concert was on Stade de France,

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Alizée’s secret life

“I didn’t have many friends. I was very shy. Very withdrawn. It was difficult for me to … interact… with others… and when I tried to, they pushed me aside and made fun of me.” Back in December Alizée was

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