Priscilla’s new single, “Moi Je Danse”

Moi Je Danse – I dance


Priscilla’s newest single and in fact the first solo single she has released in almost eight years, “Moi Je Danse” (I dance), was released today. On iTunes it’s credited for the label Washi Washa, which is some kind of a small independent label. It’s the same label that released the Flashdance album (and the What a feeling radio mix, but it doesn’t really count as a solo single).

The song is quite a catchy midtempo tune. It’s not the same song that Priscilla was seen recording on the first episode of DALS6, so maybe there’s an album in the future?

The YouTube playlist track has this info:
Author: Maureen Angot
Composer: Maureen Angot
Music Publisher: D.R

EDIT 2016: The official YouTube playlist has been taken down, and for some reason the song is not on Priscilla’s official YouTube channel, maybe in an effort to try to get people to pay for the song.

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