Priscilla’s choices

Her interview of truth

The choices of Priscilla

Miss Star Club (May 2003, n°134)

Miss Star Club 2003 May

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The choices of Priscilla

It’s time for a photo shoot, Priscilla plays the game of truth and answers questions tied to our balloons. A Miss exclusive!

A landline or a mobile phone?

Without hesitation, mobile. I now keep mine in my bag. Before, I put it in my back pocket, but the last one dropped in the toilet in a hotel, so I’m careful now. [ROFL]

Post-it or texting?

Texting, of course! I send many, many, many to my best friend and buddies. I write abbreviated by removing the ‘s’. It’s really convenient.

Girls’ games or extreme sports?

I love both. For example, I want to go bungee jumping, but mom doesn’t want me to. She is afraid that the rope will come loose!

Game console or [a board?] game?

I have PlayStation 1 and I play when I have time. It’s not a very trendy console, but it is better than games.

Sweet or salty?

Salty! In the morning, I prefer eating ham rather than cakes or cereal. But for sweet, it’s true that I love candy!

Skirt or pants?

I wear more pants than skirts. I like low-waist baggy style and form-fitting, but not too tight.

On the side of makeup, natural or sophisticated?

Natural, because I’m 13. At this age, you should not be extravagant with the violet, green or red… I put a little white and pink on the eyelids, mascara on eyelashes, some highlighter and lip gloss.

Winter or summer?

Summer, for the sun and because you can swim, even if winter is good for skiing.

Beach or mountain?

The mountain for fondue, and the beach for dressing light…

Duty or skipping school?

Oh la la! This question, you did not ask me!

Exclusive friendship or several?

I have many girlfriends, but I have a best friend. We go shopping or to the movies. In short, girl stuff!

As for heart, you are free or fulfilled?

I don’t know. Let’s say that I have one!

Love: passionate or reserved?

Reserved. For example, I think it’s the boy who takes the first step and not the girl. The guy is the gentleman!

A lie or the truth?

A lie! I often lie to my mother [ 😮 ] and my girlfriends. Really, I’m putting on an act!

Stubborn or conciliatory?

I am very stubborn. If I didn’t want to dress in such way, you can say anything to me, but I still won’t!

Flowers or stuffed toys?

I have lot of stuffed toys and few flowers. That being said, I love flowers… I have a Tweety bird, teddy bears and other toys that fans have given to me. I’ll soon give my old stuffed animals to children’s hospital, to offer some enjoyment to others.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs, because they’re more playful. I have five dogs and a cat. My dogs are called Chipie, Windie, Fripouille, Gizmo and Junior.. Two are Maltese Bichon, and the others are mixes.

“Popstars” or “Star Academy”?

“Star Academy”, because the participants are trained for several months, and they learn lots of things. And in “Popstars”, there’s no live TV!

On the side of future, confident or distrustful?

A bit of both. But I’m more confident about other things.

This is only a postponement!

We promised you a great present this issue: eye shadows offered by Lena Bliss and Priscilla. But a few days before the release of the magazine, our factory caught fire. [I don’t understand this part.] But we are immediately relaunching its production so that you can enjoy it in the next Miss. Thank you for your understanding and your trust in us!

Sandrine, editor in Chief

On the cover

We can say that Priscilla knows what she wants! It was, in fact, she who chose the clothes she wears on the cover (Tammy for jeans and zipped jacket, and Lulu Castagnette for t-shirt); a look that you can find in the article on page 10.

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