Priscilla works like a minister and eats ice cream

Hit Machine Girl (n°1, July 2003)

Completely frosted!




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Priscilla has a minister’s workload. Interviews, photo shoots and TV show recordings, the mini-star is overworked! For relaxation, Hit Machine Girl held her a little tasting day. Prissou tested this summer’s new ice cream for us. Eskimos, cones, sorbets, and sticks… the singer of “Tchouk Tchouk Musik” insisted on tasting all the aromas and new flavors of this season.


Hi Priscilla!

I went to see you in concert at the Olympia and I loved the way you danced. I saw “Tchouk Tchouk Musik” and I didn’t understand anything of the choreography! It’s going too fast and we can’t follow you. I hope that next time, you will be more clear!
Caroline, 12 years

[Caroline is referring to this: “Tchouk Tchouk Musik” choreography lesson (YouTube)]

Spelling test for stars:

[Priscilla and two other celebrities wrote a sentence, and all three made three mistakes.]

[Priscilla and three others drew a portrait of Filipino-American singer Billy Crawford. Well…her autograph is cute.]

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