Priscilla’s incredible summer: fourth album at 16!

Télé Loisirs (Nr 1013, July 2005)

Priscilla the baby star has become an attractive teen.


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At 16, she released “Bric à brac”, her fourth album. Already!

With Cécile, my partner, we immediately understood that we were dealing with an exceptional person.- Patrick Debort, producer who discovered Priscilla

It is, with force, that she has installed herself in the hearts of people and in the Top 50. She was even the youngest artist to perform at the Olympia! Today, this 16-year-old teen confides in Tele-loisirs.

The beautiful sailboat sails on a blue lagoon off the coast of Antibes [Antibes is a town of about 75,000 people in the South of France between Nice and Cannes]. At its helm, Patrick, the fortunate producer of Priscilla. He who did not hesitate to quit his job in television to stake everything on this little one at the time (12 years old during her participation in Drôles de petits champions on TF1): “with Cécile, my partner, we immediately understood that we were dealing with an exceptional person.” They were not mistaken as four years and four albums later, Priscilla has already sold more than a million and a half records. Record numbers that impress the business… but not this young lady!

Her money? “It’s locked on an account for later.” Desires? “Jewerly, designer dresses? Meh! They don’t interest me much. On the other hand, my dream would be to go on holiday with my buddies and girlfriends and my boyfriend. WITHOUT my parents. But it is impossible, I know that”, she sighs. Because if Priscilla, as all girls her age, is now coming into adolescence, her mother Annie still watches very closely. “At home, it’s a tough negotiation”, says Priscilla with a smile. “Sometimes, when I don’t get enough freedom for my taste, I sulk and go slam the door of my room”.

A discreet girl

“But tonight,” she says, “it’s cool, I did interviews and photos instead of going to the beach with my friends, I can go out. But… not later than ten o’clock, half past ten!” Rebel? Not really, but just a great desire to assert herself and be understood. “It’s nothing new”, specifies Prissou. “From the beginning, I had to prove that I could do more than gestures behind a microphone, and more than once, I bit my lip when I heard someone say, ‘this is the midget’ on my way.”

Secret and discreet, she doesn’t often reveal her feelings. “I have a diary and Cécile’s advice for the days when things don’t go well.” We don’t know more about the loves of Prissou. She only admits that “Tout est à refaire” [Everything needs to be redone], one of her new songs, is autobiographical. “Failures, that’s it, I know what it is! But today, everything goes well on that, thank you!” Here, beautiful, golden body and smile at the lips she plunges into the Mediterranean like she plunges into her new life, we don’t doubt for a second. For Priscilla, everything is fine!
Veronick Dokan

Highschool by correspondence
With her success in music and tour looming on the horizon, Priscilla will now continue her studies, as Alizée before her, through correspondence courses. “It will take me a disclipine from hell”, worries this hard-working student. She is also sorry for having to separate from her dearest friends: “since the sixth grade, we were a tight group, 10-12 boys and girls! Always together, whatever happens. In September, the troupe is dispersed because some will do a BEP [some kind of degree] in Monaco, others go to another college… Without them, it will not be easy…”

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