Priscilla – Rising star

TV hebdo (January 2003)

Priscilla – rising star

“I’m too young for Star Academy”



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At the age of 13, she symbolises the triumph of these new young singers.

Picture caption: At just 13 years, Priscilla already had best-selling records and soon she’ll perform at the Olympia. A meeting with this tiny phenomenon.

I wanted to become a flight attendant. My mother didn’t agree, so I found myself being a secretary… I therefore promised to help my children to do what they want.Annie Betti

Discovered by the show Drôles de petits champions on TF1, in February 2001, this small girl from Nice will be, one year later[!*], be on the stage of Olympia, in Paris, on 7th and 8th of February. In the meantime, she has already released two albums but keeps a cool head. It must be said that her mom is never far away when Priscilla is on stage or when she responds in interviews. Priscilla, who dreamed “to be on TV”, [——-]*.

Do you still have time to go to school?

I do not like school, but let’s not go there! This is what my mother thinks and I understand it.

Do you take dance or singing classes?

Not at all. Everything comes naturally.

Is there jealousy of your celebrity?

Those who are not nice to me are not real friends. In this case, I have a principle: I ignore them!

When you were younger, you dreamed of singing. Is success what you imagined?

It pleases me very much and I know that I really want to make it my profession.

As a child, you loved Edith Piaf and you sang “L’Hymne à l’amour”. This has nothing to do with your own albums!

Edith Piaf sang a very long time ago and I’m in this era, so our two styles have nothing to do with each other.

You’ll be at Olympia, in the same room as artists such as Piaf, who you like a lot, is it impressive?

For now, I do realize not at all, so I do not have stage fright. And then, I’ve never been there.

Your first recording was very disco while the second is more varied, with even slow songs and ballads…

I like ballads and if I want to continue in this business, I have to show that I can sing in different styles, otherwise they’ll say I repeat myself!

Without the support of your mother, do you think you could have come to this?

It is clear that I would never have thought to send a tape to the television to get in a show!

Your first album was produced by Jörgen Elofsson, a Swede who made songs for Britney Spears, your favorite star. How was your meeting with him?

In fact, I have not met this gentleman and everything is decided between my producer and my record label. And when I went to record in the studio, he wasn’t there.

Do you make changes to the lyrics, if you don’t agree with them?

Sometimes, I give my opinion and I say when I don’t like something too much and it doesn’t feel right. And also when I really like them.

Do you want to write yourself?

At 13 years, it is still difficult to write songs! Me, I prefer singing…

You were able to realize some dreams, like give a kiss** to Céline Dion or swim with the dolphins. What dream would you want to fulfill?

I would like to do a bungee jump, but my mother doesn’t want to hear it!

Would you have liked to participate in shows like Star Academy?

I’m too young for Star Academy, but why not? They have big professional performers and they learn lots of things.

If later you don’t continue in music, what job would you like to do?

Makeup artist or hair stylist. I already know how to create a blow-dry look!

Props collected by Michel Perrot

And also on TF1, Saturday 25th, at 8:50 on Tubes d’un jour…

Under the eye of mom

“I want that she continues to see her friends and go to school”, says Annie, the mother of Prissou (family nickname for Priscilla), “and with her father, we want that she stays in a public school”. This is not something that was put on their daughter, as is sometimes the case with these parents that push their children in occupations which they dreamed: “I wanted to become a flight attendant. My mother didn’t agree, so I found myself being a secretary… I therefore promised to help my children to do what they want. In the case of Priscilla, it all arrived at a family party. At the age of 8, Prissou sang “L’hymne à L’Amour”, by Piaf. We all had our mouth hanging open. I talked to a friend and it is she who has recorded it in a singing contest she has won. Then, I sent a video tape to TF1 for Drôles de petits champions.” Alexandra, Priscilla’s sister, is 24 years old and, she sings, in dance orchestras. Imagine a duet between the two sisters…

[!*] Wouldn’t it be two years later? February 2001 -> February 2003.

*Priscilla, qui rêvait de “passer à la télé”, a été prise au mot et y a même installé ses quartiers

**faire la bise , French cheek kiss. When has she met Celine Dion??!! 😮

I found a quote somewhere:
Have you met with famous singers?

Priscilla: Yes I’ve had the chance to meet famous people. Britney obviously, and recently I had the immense enjoyment to quickly meet Céline Dion, give a kiss, what a joy. I’ve met plenty and it’s bizarre, I love it.

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