Priscilla makes her comeback (2007)

Priscilla also makes her comeback

Télé-Loisirs (November 2007)


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Having been missing for two years, “Prissou” will release a fifth album in December. She will also star in a musical TV show to be broadcast on France 2.

Picture caption: Chante, soap opera-musical for teens, is currently being shot in Marseille. The first season of 26 episodes (26 minutes) will be released in early 2008.

A true phenomenon, this Prissou.

Yesterday, she confidently sang “Tchouk tchouk musik” and “Quand je serai jeune”. Today, Prissou is 18 years old, measuring at good 1.60 meters, always exudes an incredible assurance and does Latin pop, according to her record label. Today, it’s in Marseille, in the studio of the Belle de Mai, just next to the stage of Plus belle a vie [French soap opera], that we find her, filming Chante, a new series aimed at KD2A, a youth channel of France 2, and she will be the heroine in it. A true phenomenon, this Prissou. Discovered at the age of 11 on Drôles de petits champions, the show by Bataille and Fontaine on TF1, this girl from Nice of 1.30 meters then made a huge jump to success. Almost a million singles sold. Four albums. Her name on the façade of the Olympia. A meeting with Britney Spears.

“I was a bit sad when everything stopped, but I never doubted. I always knew that I wanted to do this job.”

And then, one day, nothing, or almost. “I was a bit sad when everything stopped, but I never doubted. I always knew I wanted to do this job”, she says, between takes. And she had reason to believe, she who still lives with her parents, but who, thanks to her earnings, released now due to her age of maturity, will invest in an apartment. At the beginning of the year, France 2 decided to recruit her for the lead role of Chante, this musical soap opera 26 episodes where the young actors dance, sing, and act. “The dream!”, she comments. An album comprising a dozen tracks from the series will be released as soon as in December. Charli Belétau, Director TV, praises her energy and talent. Priscilla, actress and singer, will she still continue to bluff us?#

Return to the top, a real challenge.
What are we to think of this match between these girls?
Answered by Anthony Martin*, Mr music on RTL.

Tele-Loisirs. Lorie. Alizée, Priscilla… they come back at the same time: why?

Anthony Martin. It is pure coincidence. For two or three years, these old lolitas had been forgotten. Which is logical, because their audience was very young. At one point, when addressing this kind of target audience, it always causes some decline in the fan base and a need to move to something else. To get back to the top in these conditions is a real artistic challenge.

On the starting line, what are their strengths?

Lorie, the daughter of a radio boss, has decided to play the card of the sexy woman and to position herself as a French Kylie Minogue. Her album is a success. The dance and disco music fits with her performance. As for Alizee, she doesn’t play with energy, but with intimacy. Her album, pop-rock, and even jazzy, is very surprising. It is a real curiosity.

And Priscilla?

Priscilla, she is something else. She is the youngest of the three young women and has already released four albums, she’s the one who had the most targeted audience. She will go from a young cartoon girl to the pop-rock universe. It is unknown how her arrival will be welcomed.

Interview by É LB.

* Journalist-presenter on RTL and columnist of On n’a pas tout dit on France 2.

#Original sentence: Priscilla, l’actrice et la chanteuse, réussira-t-elle encore à nous bluffer?

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