Priscilla is Super (part 1)

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The beginning

Born in Nice on August 2, 1989, Priscilla Betti grew up near to the coast, in La Trinité*, as the youngest in a quite ordinary family. She has two sisters, Séverine and Sandra, who is a singer in clubs. This little girl also took her passion for music. She revealed her gift to her family when she was only 8 years old, in a song “L’hymne à l’Amour” for her aunt’s birthday.

The dream of Prissou…

Prissou had always dreams of becoming a singer like her idol Britney Spears, whose posters adorn the walls of her room, and who she admires both for her talent and looks. “I sang in my shower, I sang everywhere, it was an obsession”, confesses the little miss. “Once, when I was watching the show Drôles de petits champions on TF1, I wondered why I couldn’t participate in it. I talked to my parents and we decided to do it for fun. We made a CD to send in to the show, and they told us ‘yes'”.

…Becomes reality


The small budding singer, who was then twelve years old, wasn’t scared of anything. For her first TV performance in February 2001, Priscilla sang “I’m Outta Love” by Anastacia**, known for her vocal power. A real challenge! But it comes out like a queen. Despite her young age, Prissou has a heck of a voice! “When I saw myself, I was super surprised. I said to myself that this was not possible, that it couldn’t be me!” Thanks to her performance, Priscilla was noticed by the label of Britney Spears, who immediately offered her a contract. Her first single, “Quand je serai jeune”,was released on September 25, 2001.

A teen like any other

But beware, it’s not because Mademoiselle has become a star that she will change her life. For her balance, her parents continue to treat her as any other girl her age. No preferential treatment! Priscilla goes to school like everyone else, she shops at the supermarket and is punished for bad behavior. Of course, at school, Prissou had to learn to handle her fame. It is not always easy to face the look of the other students, especially girls who are a bit jealous.

Mama keeping watch

At first, as she is still very young to do this business, Priscilla is accompanied everywhere by her mother, Annie, who is her manager. Now this stay-at-home mother attends all the interviews with her daughter and ensures that all goes well. Meanwhile, dad Jean-Pierre, who is a hospital worker, deals the career of her daughter when she is in Nice. That way, everything remains in the family!

2003 explosion

In January 2003, she began an extensive tour. This is hysteria! Having become a superstar, Priscilla made the cover of all the magazines. Thus she was noticed by an agent who organized the cast for the film Albert est méchant. In less than time it takes to say it, here she was making her first steps in the cinema, in the role of the daughter of Christian Clavier and Arielle Dombasle, and granddaughter of Michel Serrault. “I was the smallest of the filming and everyone was friendly, especially Arielle.” But Prissou prefers to concentrate on the singing.

Prissou’s records

Sixteen years old, Priscilla already has a long career behind her. “Bric-à-brac”, her new record, is the fourth album. Previously, she released Cette Vie Nouvelle” in June 2002, Priscilla in December of the same year, Une Fille Comme Moi in February 2004; and the last, Bric-à-Brac. Singles there are even more of: “Quand je serai jeune”, “Cette vie nouvelle” (an adaptation of the theme from the film Flashdance), “Bla, bla, bla”, “Regarde-moi”, “Tchouk Tchouk musik”, “Toujours pas s’amour”, “Toi c’est moi”, “Jalousie”… Whenever she sang a new song, it became a hit.

Prissou 2005

Today, like all girls her age, Prissou dreams to meet the Prince Charming and anguishes over bad grades at school. She loves to spend time with her friends, and embark on crazy days of shopping. But when it comes to singing, she becomes a real pro. Studio, interviews, photo sessions, round trips to Nice-Paris… Priscilla is not afraid to work hard, since music is her passion. She has even confessed that next year, for the second grade [in high school], she will leave the formal school system and take correspondence courses instead, in order to devote herself to her profession. After a well-deserved summer holiday, Priscilla will meet her fans again during a grand tour. Like her, we would already like to be there!

* The sentence about where she grew up might not be accurately translated. I took the artistic liberty in some other parts, as well, and just tried to write something that made sense and hopefully didn’t alter the meaning too much.

**She also sang Alizée’s “Moi Lolita”, a Shania Twain song and another song. For some reason Anastacia is often mentioned, though she did sing Anastacia songs many times in her later TV appearances.

Scans found online and resized and compressed a bit to save space.

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