Priscilla is Super (part 2)

Super, N°6 (June 2005) [part 2] (part 1)

And love in all this?

Priscilla and the boys


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Like all teenagers, Prissou dreams about Prince Charming. But in fact, what does he look like? We put the beautiful single girl to our tight questioning for all her love secrets and tastes in the matters of boys.

Better to be alone than wish you were!

Do you have a boyfriend at the moment?

No, I’m single. As they say, better to be alone than wish you were! It’s been three months since I broke up with my ex.

Your album speaks much about love…

Yes, love, heartbreak, breakups. I experienced all these things, like any other soon-to-be 16-year-old.

So your heart is free to be taken… What attracts you in a boy?

Above all, I watch the way he behaves. I do not like the machos, the guys who think they’re all that, who are big posers who talk loudly. I hate rude people!

What turns you off in a guy?

Something that I can’t stand, is poor dental hygiene. The guy may be an Adonis, but if he has rotten teeth or drool at the corner of the lips when he speaks, it’s filthy!

What’s your trick to make a guy understand that you are interested in him?

I’m not the kind of girl to take the first step. I want the boy to come to me. I make it so that he appropaches me. There are some signs that do not fail… The way to look at him, for example.

What are your seduction tricks?

I am myself.

Have you already experienced an impossible love?

No, never. When I want a guy, I’ll have him. As I never take the first step, I don’t risk being shut down. Once, when I was eleven, I was in love with a boy who did not want me. I wrote him letters, I made drawings, but he didn’t care. Now, he has become a friend. We get along great.

What’s his name?

Enzo! He will read his name in the magazine, it’s going to be fun!

Do you remember your first kiss?

I was twelve and it went a bit wrong! I bit his tongue by accident! I won’t say the name of this boy. He was my first love. I stayed one year with him. It is beautiful, right? I was the one who broke up, because I was tired, it was the same all the time.

And you, have you already broken hearts?
Of course yes, the nine other times!

Have you ever had a broken heart?

I was dumped once. One time out of perhaps ten boyfriends, it’s fine. But it was not pleasant. It was a long time ago, with my third-to-last boyfriend. Things start fine, and then he lets you go! In addition, the loser, he didn’t say it to me in person. He sent me a text message! What a jerk! He gave me bogus excuses for guy, like “at this moment, I do not have the head to this…” This is nonsense! But now we are friends.

And you, have you already broken hearts?

Of course yes, the nine other times! Once, it was hard. It was a friend of my cousin with whom I was out during the holidays. After that, every time I visited my cousin, he was staring at me and it made me a little scared.

Are you the jealous type?

Very! It is a nasty trait. If I’m with my boyfriend and he looks at a girl, I don’t like it. I won’t punch him, but I’ll make it right*.

How do you endure a jealous guy?

To some extent, it’s fine. But if he doesn’t trust me, it won’t work.

Do you speak lot about guys with your girlfriends?

We talk only about guys! You wonder how it goes with our boyfriends, we gossip a lot.

Who is the male star who you like?

Brad Pitt. He’s super good-looking! I love his look, his hair… There are some people who can wear horrible clothes and put anything on their head, and they’ll always be beautiful.

If you were a guy, would you find you sexy?

I don’t think so. But curvy, yes.

Is being a celebrity an advantage or a disadvantage in your relations with boys?

It is rather a disadvantage. I never know if a boy is interested in me or Priscilla the singer. It is painful. But fortunately, I realize from the first glance. It’s often enormous. In this case, I reject him straight away

* I hope she meant something like that.

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