Priscilla goes Bollywood

DALS 7 episode 8

Bollywood performance

Priscilla was one of five former DALS contestants who danced in a trio performance with a DALS 7 couple in the 8th episode of the season. Priscilla danced with singer Florent Mothe and his partner Candice Pascal. Among the other past contestants were last year’s winner Loïc Nottet, Alizée and Brahim Zaibat (maybe better known as Madonna’s former boyfriend).


Before the performance the trio were shown practicing their number.

Their dance style was Bollywood.

They received one ten from Fauve and two nines from Chris, which really is like getting a twelve from the other judges. Chris looked surprised that Jean-Marc and Fauve only gave eights for technique.

Florent and Candice received 140 points for their total score, which was the third best in the episode, but they were eliminated.

In the aftershow “Suite” Priscilla was reunited with her dance partner Christophe Licata in a very “Priscilicata” way.

Priscilla was also shown backstage with Alizée & Grégoire and Florent & Candice (and Artus and Brahim Zaibat).

Christophe and his dance partner Sylvie Tellier were eliminated in the fourth episode. Christophe returned to the show for two weeks, when dancer Yann-Alrick Mortreuil (who was Priscilla’s “Le Switch” partner last year) hurt his leg and Christophe filled in for him as Karine Ferri’s partner in weeks 6 and 7. In week 6 they danced to “What a Feeling” from Flashdance. Karine and Yann-Alrick faced Grégoire and Camille Lou in a dance-off in the semi-finale and were eliminated.

The finale of DALS7 airs live on Friday the 16th. The finalists are Alizée’s husband Grégoire and Camille, Laurent and Denitsa (last year’s winner profi dancer) and comedian Artus and dance Marie Denigot. I might plug in my IP changer and tune in.