Priscilla – I’m just like everyone else!

Priscilla – I’m just like everyone else!

Star Fifteen (Unknown issue, 2003)


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After the release of “Tchouk tchouk musik” ​​and filming a movie alongside Christian Clavier and Arielle Dombasle (no less!), bubbly Priscilla handles it all. Just back in school, she hopes to finish her tour through France.


“I could never go without fiends”

“I just made my acting debut!”

“I still have too much to learn to ditch school!”

How was your holiday?

Very good! I could even say that I spent an exceptional summer! For my first film role, I’m ecstatic!

How was it meeting with these big names of cinema?

Very natural. Arielle Dombaste became a real girlfriend! We got along great. Not to mention the laughter that we both had on the set!

Are you going to take your friends to see the movie?

I hope they want to come! But we do not yet know when it comes out … So, mum’s the word…

Was it easy to go from music to film?

They are two totally different worlds. It was not obvious at the beginning how to be an actress, especially on the first day. After I observed the others, I said to myself “you’re on a shoot, it’s not a concert!” I let it go, I became that girl in my head and it all came very quickly. On the other hand it’s very clear in my head: I prefer music!

Actress or singer, your choice is already made?

For now, I am dedicated to my tour and preparing another album. This acting role, it was really great. But I think I’m more comfortable with a microphone in my hand!

Your tour is not over yet and you’re now back on the school bench…It’s not too hard to go back?

School is something very important to me. My return to quatrième (8th grade, age 13-14) went well, I found my friends. But others are distant to me, there’s jealousy …

How do you feel about the jealousy of others?

It hurts … Especially when they are your friends. It’s like that, unfortunately. But I keep my closest girlfriends … It’s what counts, right? I could never let go of the friendship!

Do you sometimes have to skip classes?

Sometimes, working on my music or for the promotion, and touring obviously. But no question of quitting. If I miss classes because of my career, I always catch up. I have too much to learn to ignore the school! One can even say that I am a diligent student!

But where do you find time for work?

I have a very healthy pace. All in good time. When it’s time for school, I’m involved in it thoroughly. For example at evenings I have too much school work to go take dance classes. But I sing as often as possible at home.

And when you’re on tour? …

Tour, in the studio or an album, I put all my energy into it. And I live my life like a normal schoolgirl. Believe me, I’m a girl like the others!

This was probably in a September issue. The small picture is from Priscilla’s 14th birthday in August.

Scans found online. There might be some errors, ’cause whenever Bing/Google translators don’t make sense, I just make up something.

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