Priscilla covers “I’m outta love” by Anastacia

A couple of weeks ago Priscilla posted an audio only video on YouTube of her singing “I’m outta love” by Anastacia. This is one of Priscilla’s favorite songs, which she sang many times on TV when she was starting her career as a preteen. She even sang it in her very first TV appearence on February 23th, 2001 on the Drôles de petits champions.

Priscilla performs "I'm outta love" in 2001.

Priscilla performs “I’m outta love” by Anastacia, Drôles de petits champions, February 2001.

Anastacia has a powerful voice and distinctive adlibs on the song. Priscilla’s version is different enough to not sound like a karaoke, and her voice definitely does the song justice. Some singers, and especially those who started very young, want to forget their past and escape the image they once had, while Priscilla embraces her past and of course especially with Flashdance (the song that was her second single from her debut album), her past became her present and uplifted her to another level with her headlining the musical and the upcoming tour.

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