Priscilla Betti – The ex-lolita does the splits

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Priscilla Betti – The ex-lolita does the splits

Portrait of a young woman who misses no opportunity


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(Article shortened a bit, and some parts left out due to translation difficulties.)

To embody the character played by Jennifer Beals, the singer worked nine hours a day for a month, not counting dance classes since June. The hard work has paid off. She gets into the skin of the character easily.

Nonce Paolini, the CEO of TF1 (partner in the spectacle) called me into his office to offer me Shy’m and the name of Tal was also mentioned, but my favorite is Priscilla because when working non-stop singing and dancing, we need a very strong vocalist.” Philippe Hersen, director and artistic director of the Flashdance musical […] has to put his trust in Priscilla Betti, twenty-five years old, former child prodigy of the early 2000s. She was only 11 years old when she caught the ear of a producer during her performance in Drôles de petits champions. “My parents did not push me”, she says, “but at eight years old, I knew I wanted to do this.”

I got on the stage and I gave everything. They hired me immediately.


At fourteen and still a silhouette of a little girl when she sang a hit with a double meaning – as Annie loves lollipops by France Gall – namely, “Regarde-moi”. Today, when we ask her about the ambiguous chorus Teste-moi, deteste-moi [Test me, hate me] she takes an air a little annoyed as if she could not see what it was. “I took it for a game,” she says, officially ignoring all the sexual innuendo of the text. Similarly, she commented as if the scantily-clad pictures (hands covering her chest) for Entrevenue magazine when she was eighteen went without saying. “I wanted to prove that I had grown”, as if other means had not existed. But regardless, the good news is that she’s comfortable with herself.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend for a year “a boy who is not in the business, but who understands me”, is waiting for her.


[On auditioning for Flashdance“I was not really good at dance, but what I had going for me was my energy. I got on the stage and I gave everything. They hired me immediately. “Since June, Priscilla has traveled back and forth between Cannes, where she lives and bought a two-bedroom apartment with the majority[?] of the money earned during her “Prissou” years and the capital, where she trains. “You should know that Jennifer Beals had a double, now it’s only me who has to impress people, and that’s it. I even took lessons in a circus school. But I would rather be safe, I won’t do the swan dive. “


Meanwhile, her boyfriend for a year “a boy who is not in the business, but who understands me”, is waiting for her. “We seem to stay balanced because I make the effort to put myself in his place when it is difficult for him to see me taken by the spotlight, I make adjustments”, she says. Her lucidity comes from a close-knit family. And a very grounded character. “Priscilla knows the business: she will not miss any opportunity. After the Chante series, broadcast on France 2, from 2009 to 2011, she recorded an album. It’s ready to come out. […] “Benjamin Biolay [picture] has worked with me after we met in a Parisian café. He wanted to test me and perhaps had no desire to associate his name with mine. But I told him: “I want to make soul music.” […] He wrote and composed three songs. Daniel Darc, who has since passed away, wrote a song. Then it was left to distribute the album. The agent of Priscilla began looking for a new label after his went bankrupt. Meanwhile, he took a generational slap*. While he asked if that small jewelry placed between her breasts was a glued bindi, she responded: “No, it is an implant.” Ah…Priscilla has grown, Shy’m better watch out.

Article online: – Pris­cilla Betti, l’ex-lolita fait le grand écart

*I think it was the agent who asked that. I don’t know if it’s a woman or a man, though.

Big picture taken from Priscilla’s Instagram. The article also has a few small pictures from Flashdance and a picture of Priscilla in 2004. The Benjamin Biolay picture is not part of the original article.

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