Priscilla as the star of new Disney Channels

 Priscilla in wonderland

The idol of kids launches three new channels

Télé Câble Satellite Hebdo (October 28, 2002 , Nr 652)

Tele Cable Sat Cover 2002

The Disney family is getting three more channels: Playhouse Disney, Toon Disney and Disney Channel +1. Disney Channel invited Priscilla to the “Zapping Zone” special.

The fairytale of Priscilla

Initially, Priscilla wanted to “get on TV”. Her mother, impressed by her interpretation of Edith Piaf’s “Hymne à l’amour” at a family reunion, got her on the TV show “Drôles de petits champions” on channel TF1. The small girl from Nice was immediately spotted by a producer. He suggested for her to record a single. Released in September 2001, “Quand Je Serai Jeune” went to top 10. It was followed by “Cette Vie Nouvelle” (a version of the 1980s Flashdance song) and Bla Bla Bla.

At the age of 13, Priscilla’s career is up and coming: she is currently recording her second album and will be on stage in Nice at the end of January, and at Olympia [in Paris] on February 8th and 9th, before her tour in the whole of France.

Is it difficult to combine school and singing career? “During the week I go to school, and on some weekends I go to Paris to record songs or do interviews”. So most of the time, she leads an ordinary life of a girl her age, who loves going to movies with friends, parties and video games. She enjoyed her role as the French “Annie” in the musical, even though she found it “super hard”. [Priscilla did the French dubbing in the movie for both singing and dialogue.]

On the other hand, the preparation for the album and shows seems pure pleasure. Priscilla doesn’t take singing or dancing lessons and she learns a full choreography in eight hours.

Unlike her first album, Priscilla’s new album won’t have songs by Swedish Jörgen Eloffson, who also has done songs for Priscilla’s idol, Britney Spears, but they’ll be by Bertrand Châtenet, who had stopped writing since his collaboration with Vanessa Paradis, but now had decided to continue for Priscilla. The CD with ten original tracks will be in  stores on December 3rd, and in January Priscilla will deliver a preview live on the show “Mon Zapping Zone”, a special program of…Disney Channel.



Translation made with online translators, my own comments are in brackets.

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