Priscilla and Christophe in second place!


Well, it still stings a bit and I don’t think I can ever rewatch the ending of the finale when the results were revealed and Loïc Nottet quite expectantly won DALS 6. Priscilla made it in to the top two, where the two couples danced for one last time, and then the viewers voted for the winner. In judges’ scores the margin was 10 points, in the viewers´votes it was quite a bit more, 68% – 32%. (Google translates this from the French Wikipedia: Never a candidate had won with such a gap in votes with his dolphin.)

Loïc Nottet is the youngest DALS contestant ever at 19, and maybe his age and cuteness factor explains some of his popularity, but he was also probably the best dancer out of all the contestants, and he and Denitsa Ikonomova had many of my favorite (non-Priscilla) performances in the show. So his win was well-deserved. *sniff*

P.S. Priscilla has already started to practice for Flashdance, and the DALS tour starts in two weeks!