Priscilla and Alizée with Stars 80 at Stade de France

Priscilla and Alizée on the same stage!

(Not at the same time, though.)

Priscilla Betti with Stars 80 at Stade de FranceAlizée and Gregoire at Stade de France
On Saturday May 9th, both Priscilla and Alizée performed with Stars 80, a group that performs hits from the 80s. Saturday’s concert was on Stade de France, a football stadium that fits 80,000 people, and it was broadcast live on TF1 reaching 6,4 million viewers!

The show looks super fun. The stadium is packed with people who are dancing and singing to the hits of the 80s. There are mostly French singers, but also some others like Sabrina (the real one!) singing “Boys boys boys”, Bananarama singing “Venus”, Bonnie Tyler singing…well I forgot already, but you know, her hit. And then there’s Priscilla singing “What a feeling” live in front of a packed stadium and millions of viewers! Earlier Alizée and Gregoire were part of three couples who danced when Francois Feldman sang “Les Valses De Vienne”.

The full show can be viewed HERE. (Link not working anymore.) Alizée’s dance performance starts at 02:31:25 with a vintage introduction by my favorite French TV host Jean-Pierre Foucault. Priscilla’s “What a feeling” starts at 02:47:20. Her performance was perfect.

Luckily I managed to watch and download Priscilla’s performance in HD before it was probably forced to be taken down. I wonder if there might be a DVD release later, ’cause the Stars 80 seems to be hugely popular — here’s hoping!

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