Priscilla a l’Olympia


Priscilla’s first DVD, “Priscilla a l’Olympia” (also referred to as “Priscilla en concert”, was released on the 24th of April, 2003.


It is a concert DVD that was recorded in Paris during her first concert tour. The whole tour had over 30 dates starting from January in Priscilla’s hometown, Nice, and ending in December in Paris. The DVD was recorded on the 9th of February, at the Olympia venue in Paris. (Or possibly during the two shows at the venue, as many concert DVDs are filmed in more than one concert.)


The DVD contains the full 80 minute concert, a 25 minute behind-the-scenes film of Priscilla preparing for the concert, three music videos, and a photo gallery. Many of the uptempo songs are at least partly lipsynched, but she sings the ballads and some other songs live. Priscilla takes her audience like a pro, and delivers a high-energy fun night for a packed venue of kids (and their parents). At 13, she became the youngest artist to sell out the Olympia concert hall.

The behind-the-scenes documentary follows Priscilla before the concert. She checks in to her hotel room (two-story!), does an interview and photo shoot, goes through sound check etc. It’s a fun film full of Priscilla being, well, Priscilla!

Priscilla coffret

‘A l’Olympia’ was also released as VHS, and later it was bundled with Priscilla’s second DVD (see picture on the left). I read somewhere that the DVD was certifed triple platinum, but I don’t know if it’s accurate or how many copies that means. But I can imagine that it sold well, as it was released at the height of Priscilla’s popularity, during the time her songs “Regarde-Moi” and “Tchouk Tchouk Musik” were doing well on the charts.

Here are a few songs from the DVD: The ballad ‘Petit Navire’, and ‘Celle Qui Bat Des Ailes’, which is lipsynched, but the song is gorgeous and I love the mood of the performance. The choreography is a bit weird, but Priscilla sells it, even with her oversize blouse and hair all over the place.

Petit Navire

Celle Qui Bat Des Ailes

The whole concert and behind-the-scenes documentary are on YouTube, but it’s easy to find and buy your own copy (R2). I’d pay no more than 10 euros for a new or used copy, shipping included.