Mini singer, maximum talent

“At 13, I’m like a pro”

Télé Poche (24 February 2003, n°1933 )


Mini-singer but maxi-talent. Ever since her discovery on “Drôles de petits champions” in 2001, Priscilla’s had success.

So, how’s the tour?

Very good. I’m really happy: my concerts have sold. That said, I’m pretty surprised because I am not at all stressed.

Don’t you ever have stage fright?

It is true that when I hear the public behind the curtain, I have a little stomach ache. I’m afraid I’ll forget my lyrics or that the technique doesn’t work.

What do you feel when you go up on stage?

It’s a lot of fun. I love being in front of my audience.

How did the music world take you?

Initially, many people did not believe in me. They saw me as a kid. I am trying to prove that at 13 years, I can be like a pro.

And to keep a cool head with success?

That’s simple. My parents and my friends help me to keep my feet on the ground. One thing is certain, I will never get a big head.

Being famous at age 13, it must be funny…

It’s nice to sign autographs. And celebrities have advantages…

Would you like to use your celebrity for the benefit of a charity?

Yes, I would like to work for the protection of animals or to help sick children.

What do you feel when you look at “Drôles les petits champions”, the show where you were discovered?

It’s weird, I preferred the formula when I was in it. It was not a competition.

What are your plans?

In addition to my tour, a new single from my album should be out soon. As for a third album, not right now!

What about school in all this?

During the tour, I’m being tutored. After the tour, I’ll take the bus to school every morning again, like all teenagers.

Do you still have dreams?

To have an international career and go bungee jumping. [I don’t know if Priscilla has done bungee jumping, but she did jump out of an airplane!]

Do you know Télé Poche?

Yes, my sister buys it often. I like it a lot, too.

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