‘Allelujah, it’s raining men


Artiste complete: chanteuse, danceuse. -Jean-Pierre Foucault

(A complete artist: singer, dancer.)

This man is no fool. He has hosted TV shows for decades, and Priscilla is the only performer he made that comment for. OK, I made that last part up, but it could be true! Priscilla performed at least three times on his show 30/50 tubes de legende in 2003-2004. Foucault always seemed to be impressed by the tiny teen’s performances, and who can blame him.

The first post I made in this blog was about a 50 tubes de legende peformance of “Whenever, Wherever”.

itsrainingmen_009“It’s Raining Men” on 50 tubes de legende on October 2nd in 2004 is one of my favorite Priscilla performances. It was the first time I noticed her voice had changed a bit, from a young girl’s voice to a more mature and deeper voice. The choreography is fun and energetic and even a bit dangerous. Don’t try this at home, kids!

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