Flashdance reviews

Priscilla’s musical seems to be getting nice reviews. Here are some excerpts from a few:


Flashdance: Priscilla Betti dazzling and gorgeous on stage

Purebreak.com: Priscilla Betti sublime in Flashdance

The singer who has slipped into the skin of Alex Owens told in an interview for Télé Loisirs that it was the role of a lifetime and added: “There is pressure to live up to (…). many costume changes, a lot of songs, choreography, many comedic moments. Have to tie everything together.” She may rest assured – she’s more than capable. For two hours, Priscilla Betti impressed us with her golden voice, her acting and most importantly, her ability in dance.

Flashdance : Priscilla Betti éblouissante et sublime sur scène

Justmusic.fr: Jennifer Beals was perfect for this role, but Priscilla Betti has managed to revive the character in her own way. Indeed, the young woman of 25 years has amazed us for over two hours giving us an amazing performance! She dances, sings and acts perfectly! The one who sang “Cette Vie Nouvelle” in 2002 was destined to play the role of Alex Owens.

Flashdance The Musical : Nous y étions !

Flashdance – the musical : Priscilla impresses at Théâtre du Gymnase

Chartsinfrance: [..]Priscilla wins all the votes, including at exciting and highly anticipated hit scenes, such as “Maniac” at the end of part one. In leotards, she spills strong look, good energy and an unexpected sensuality, stringing together the steps with precision and confidence. [..] Accomplished with the cast, the young woman is revealed to the public through the power and accuracy of her voice, flawless, for more than two hours of show. “Flashdance”, punchy musical, the staging and impeccable set, keeps its promise with an invested cast and an avalanche of hits. What a Feeling!

Flashdance, la comédie musicale : Priscilla impressionne au Théâtre du Gymnase

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