1999 – Annie (TV movie) – French dubbing (dialogue and singing)
Annie the movie DVD cover

Annie is a Disney TV movie based on the Broadway musical. The European DVD release of the movie (2001) features dubbings in several languages, including French. The part of Annie is played by Alicia Morton and the French dubbing for dialogue and songs was made by Priscilla. She is credited in the French credits as “Prescillia Betti”.

Cast: Kathy Bates, Alicia Morton, Victor Garber, Alan Cumming
2004 – Albert est méchant (Movie) – Supporting role

In 2004 Priscilla played a girl named “Chelsea” in the movie Albert est méchant. The film featured some quite prominent French actors, such as Michel Serrault (1928-2007), Christian Clavier and Arielle Dombasle. However the movie wasn’t successful and it was panned by the critics.

The DVD includes Priscilla’s audition for the movie, and Priscilla’s DVD “Une Fille Comme Moi” includes a behind-the-scenes documentary from the movie.



Cast: Christian Clavier, Michel Serrault etc.
2008-2011 Chante ! – TV Show – Main part
Chante season 1 DVD cover
Chante ! (Sings!) is a musical TV show about a dancing school and the relationships of the young dancers. Priscilla plays the main part, “Tina”. The show ran for four seasons and each season had 26 episodes. The first two seasons have been released on DVD, and soundtracks from all seasons are available in digital music stores. The soundtrack from the first season was also released as a physical CD Casse comme du verre, which is Priscilla’s fifth and so far the last album she has released.
Cast: Alexia Degrémont, Vincent Byrd Le Sage, Nicolas Van Beveren