Elsa Lunghini


Born: May 20, 1973 Nationality: French Age of debut: 13
Albums sold: 1,600,000 + Singles sold: 3,190,000 + Total sales: 4,800,000 +
Chart peak for single: #1 (8 wks) T’en va pas (1986)
Chart peak for album: #3 Rien que pour ça (1990)


Elsa started her acting career at the age of seven in the movie Garde à Vue in 1981. In 1986 the fourth movie she was in led to her singing career. She recorded the song “T’en va pas” for the soundtrack of the movie La Femme de ma vie (in which she played Jane Birkin’s daughter). In the song a young child is pleading her dad not to leave the family. It was released as a single and became a hit in France. It spent eight consecutive weeks on top of the French singles chart and was certified for half a million copies. The debut album Elsa sold over 600,000 copies.

Elsa has released five more studio albums, the latest one in 2008. She also continues to act.

Elsa Lunghini

Elsa and her early work are my favorite among child singers. Young Elsa has a gorgeous voice: delicate and rich, and at times she sounds a lot older than she was. Her songs could be sung by an adult, as they don’t sound like children’s songs. Her later work, such as the album Elsa Lunghini (2008) is nice, laid-back guitar-driven pop. Commercially she hasn’t come close to her early success.

“T’en va pas” music video (1986). There’s also an English version, “Papa please don’t go”, also on YouTube.

Live performance of “T’en va pas” in 2005

A beautiful duet “Un Roman d’amitié” with American singer Glenn Medeiros (1988). I love the video: California sun (and smog?), boardwalk, roller skates, big hair, baggy sweatshirts and jeans…let’s all go back to the 80s!

One more video, one of my favorite songs: “Quelque chose dans mon coeur” (1987)

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