The soundtrack for Flashdance was released in 2015. It’s available on digital music stores, and it was also sold as a CD before and after the show during the 2014/2015 theater run and the 2016 tour.

The album contains 12 tracks: two solo songs by Priscilla, duets, group performances and solos by other cast members.

A radio edit of “What a feeling” was sung by Priscilla and released as a single. It’s quite different from the album version, which is sung by other cast members. The song was released as a digital download, but there is no music video for it. Neither the single nor the album charted.

The woman on the cover is not Priscilla. The same picture is used in several Flashdance productions around the world.

What a feeling CD cover
Statistics Tracklisting
Released: January 2015
  1. What a Feeling – 3:53
  2. Maniac – 4:14
  3. I Love Rock’n’Roll – 3:02
  4. Manhunt – 2:35
  5. Ici et maintenant – 3:41
  6. Mon prochain pas – 3:30
  7. Mon tour – 3:40
  8. Le coche – 3:11
  9. Assez – 3:42
  10. Gloria – 4:29
  11. Tenir le coup – 2:35
  12. Tête baissée – 3:56
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What a feeling