Dancing with my Priscilla – Week 8

Amazing Priscilla

The eighth episode of DALS6 aired on December 18th and was watched by 4,5 million people. It was semifinale! Or, like the French like to say, la demi-finale. After the introductions, the song “Let’s get loud” by Jlo started to play, and it was time for Priscilla’s intro. One of the judges, Chris Marques, came into her dressing room and told Priscilla and Christophe that they were to dance salsa with Chris, who happens to be a three-time salsa world champion. And so they started to rehearse. And then they performed. One of my fave performances. They received 26 points from the three judges for both artistry and technique, so 52 total.


Another highlight of the episode was, you guessed it, Loïc Nottet and Denitsa Ikomova, who danced “Black Swan” with the judge Marie-Claude Pietragalla. They received 57 points.


In the middle of the episode a couple performed “Time of my life” from the musical “Dirty Dancing”, which is touring in France or something.

Then it was time for Priscilla and Christophe’s second dance. They were taken to a circus and told they’d have to hang from the ceiling and do a synchronized choreography.

dwmp_0608_coll2 Their dance was valse to a live gospel choir singing the song “Amazing Grace”, and amazing it was.


When the judges gave their comments, Priscilla had tears in her eyes, and from what I understood it was because this could be her final performance. They received three tens and the rest were nines, 75 points in total.


Olivier Dion and Candice Pascal’s second dance was another highlight of the show. Their dance was Charleston and the song was All Night by Parov Stelar. Their special move (figure imposée) to do was a synchronized choreography while having their backs towards one another. Super fun performance.

Loïc Nottet and Denitsa’s second dance was cha-cha to MJ’s “Can you feel it”. Loved the performance and they’re so effing cute together. (I gotta say I don’t see why Nottet is so popular. Sure, he’s cute and all, but he always seems bored or annoyed in his interviews. Or maybe he just has a resting bitch face? He becomes alive on stage, though.) Their special move was an acrobatic throw in the air. Loïc ain’t a big guy and also not a professional dancer, but it must be said that Priscilla and Christophe did that exact same move in the final hehehe… Anyway, Nottet and Denitsa received six 10’s, 78 points in total.

After Marie-Claude Pietragalla performed with some dude, it was time for the results. First it was announced that Olivier Dion would have to do “Face a face”, a dance battle. Nottet and Denitsa tried to keep a straight face before it was announced they were safe. I’m sure they were petrified, ha. Then it was Priscilla vs. Enjoyphoenix, one of them would have to do the battle. And Priscilla was safe!


So it was time for dance battle between Olivier Dion and Enjoyphoenix. When the votes were counted, Fauve Hautot and others performed one of my favorite judges’ performance, a live version of David Guetta’s Hey Mama and Bang My Head. Pretty much any performance with Fauve is my favorite, she’s awesome. And then it was time for the results. Olivier Dion received a whopping 73 % of the votes and so it was time for Enjoyphoenix to leave. Sad for her, but she was carried all this way by her Youtube fans, ’cause as a dancer she wasn’t that good.


Next week, the finale! Priscilla goes Marilyn Monroe on us, still wants to dance with somebody and it really is a wonderful life…