Dancing with my Priscilla – Week 5

Let It Go


The fifth episode of DALS 6 aired live on Saturday the 5th of December and was watched by 4,5 million people. It was time for Disney night. The contestants and dancers were joined by Disney characters, some in animation form, some in the flesh.


Again Priscilla started the show. Priscilla and Christophe and the Youtuber Enjoyphoenix (she does makeup tutorial etc.) and her partner Yann-Alrick drove to Disneyland Paris, where they parted ways. Christophe told Priscilla that their song was “Let It Go”, and so they started to practice their performance in the studio.





Their dance style was contemporary. Priscilla wore a white wig. There were some special effects during the show, but no animated characters.


They received their first 10 (I knew it!) and 70 points from the judges all together. Theirs were the third highest scores for the main dance.

The judge Fauve Hautot and professional dancers performed “The circle of life”.

At the end of the show all the couples danced a bit of samba. The best couple got 40 bonus points, the second best 35 and so on, until the last couple got 10 bonus points. Priscilla and Christophe were the third best, so they received 30 points, which boosted them up to second position in judges’ scores. When the viewers’ votes were combined with the judges’ scores, Priscilla and Christophe were the fourth couple out of seven.

Next week: Switching couples and Tchouk Tchouk Musik!

2 comments on “Dancing with my Priscilla – Week 5
  1. J says:

    Omg Disney week! Frozen! Let it go! Circle of life! Disneyland! Too much excitements here!

  2. J says:

    I wasnt finished! Did she dress up as Tinkerbell for her samba? Or ipwas it just regular dress that happened to look like Tinkerbell’s dress?

    Pix 20 of 29 was the special effects, correct? So beautiful…makes me want to watch the performance and the movie again.