Dancing with my Priscilla – Week 4

The Time of My Life


The fourth* episode of Danse avec les stars 6 aired live on Saturday 21st of November. The show started with the four judges dancing to “Imagine” by John Lennon, and they were joined by the professional dancers. Then the contestants and the two hosts walked together to the stage.


Priscilla and Christophe were the first couple to dance for the second week in a row, so after the hosts’ speech their song “Time of my life” from the movie Dirty Dancing started to play, and their segment started. Priscilla was shown walking in to the dance studio, where Christophe revealed their song and they started to rehearse for mambo. They watched clips of old episodes where the couples failed in their lifts, and one that was successful. They then practised the lift. It looked quite dangerous to me, ’cause there is no mattress on the floor, and at one point Priscilla screamed when she almost fell over Christophe’s head.



Their performance started with Priscilla sitting on stage with some lucky audience members, and Christophe walking over to her.



At one point two male dancers carried Priscilla down the stairs on to the floor, and one of them was Alizée’s boyfriend Grégoire (on the left).

Priscilla took a deep breath before she ran to Christophe who lifted her up. She wobbled a bit a couple of times and had to grab Christophe’s arms for balance, but other than that the lift was perfect. As was the whole performance.

Their total score was 69 points, all 8’s and 9’s.

At the end of the episode was a quick dance contest, where the couples did a lift that they had practiced earlier. The winner (Olivier Dion) got 10 extra points and was the first in judges’ points with a margin of one to Loîc Nottet (the one to beat). Priscilla and Christophe were third in the judges’ scores, and in the overall points + votes they were second, behind The one to beat.


One of the judges, Marie-Claude Pietragalla, danced to Adele’s “Hello” and it was pretty spectacular. Even more so because she’s 52 (which is the new 25).

Next week, Disney night!

*The French Wikipedia counts the cancelled episode as week four, so this week’s episode is fifth and so on.

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