Dancing with my Priscilla – Week 3

You give me a reason


The third episode of Danse avec les stars 6 aired live on Friday, November 6th. I don’t know why it aired on a Friday instead of the usual Saturday, but it was great for the ratings, as this was the first week when they exceeded five million in this season. The show is consistently the most watched in its time slot.

The theme of the show was the 1980s. The show started with Sabrina performing “Boys Boys Boys”. Christophe danced with a backup dancer and then joined Priscilla by the “pool” as they were being introduced during the song.


After the hosts’ opening speech, a song started to play — and not just any song, but one of my favorite Elsa Lunghini songs, “Un roman d’amitié”, a duet with Glenn Medeiros. Not only is it one of my favorite Elsa songs, but Priscilla has performed it live on TV with a Star Academy contestant in 2005: video on YouTube (from 01:00) And so started Priscilla’s segment. Priscilla and Christophe sang some karaoke and started to rehearse for their performance of rumba.




They really have great chemistry, in a friendly and flirty kind of way. Christophe is married and his wife is a dancer on the show.

The performance was beautiful.



Before Priscilla’s scores were shown, they showed a group of people in identical costumes on a stage and then a whole stadium full of people, and everyone was chanting Priscilla’s name. I would guess it was in Priscilla’s hometown of Nice.

This was the first week when the couples got two sets of scores, for artistry and technique. Priscilla’s scores ranged from 6 to 8, and their total score was 59. It was the third highest score this week.



A non-Priscilla highlight of the show was Loïc Nottet and his partner’s performance of jive. They received their second 10 in the competition, and they’re so far the only couple who have gotten a 10. He’s The One to Beat, I’ll come back to that later.

There was a short segment in which they showed the stage of NRJ Awards where Sting was doing his soundcheck. Sting has made a song with Mylène Farmer. You can check it out HERE. The song would be ok without the horrible production in the chorus, Laurent Boutonnat would never. The two are going to perform on Jimmy Not Funny Fallon on December 4th. I don’t know if Mylène has ever performed on US TV before.

During one of the intervals, Christophe danced with a backup dancer on the floor, while Priscilla danced in the red room with a yellow monster.

Before the final scores were revealed, Christophe and one of the judges, Fauve Hautet danced to “Against all odds” (or, according to the female host, “Against all odes”).

Priscilla and Christophe were third in the judges scores, and fifth overall. Eek! That’s four places down from last week. The couple on top was The One to Beat. Btw, the couple who was fourth this week was eliminated on week 4. Yikes.


Next week: Dirty Dancing and “Chandelier”!

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