Dancing with my Priscilla – Week 2

Shake the haters off

The second episode of Danse avec les stars 6 aired live on Halloween night, Saturday October 31st. It was watched by close to 4,5 million viewers.

In the beginning of Priscilla’s segment she and Christophe were looking at online comments. Some *** ******* had said that she is too big-headed and should be more humble. Whatever. Priscilla got a bit teary-eyed and was comforted by Christophe. Priscilla said she had a “carte blanche”, which I’m guessing meant that she could choose the music. And she chose “Shake it off” by Taylor the-biggest-head-ever Swift. (Alizée and Grégoire danced to the song on the DALS tour, btw.)




Their jive dance routine started by Priscilla standing on a cake (the special effects are amazing) and having a Marilyn Monroe moment when Christophe “blew” her dress. The music track was not sung by the real Swift, but by an H-challenged French woman. The routine was super fast, so fast in fact that it’s impossible to get decent screencaps from it. Priscilla had great facial expressions even though the dance was so fast that you’d think it’s difficult enough just to keep up with the dance moves.


They received 33 points, which gave them a cumulative score of 67 and put them on the top with another couple.


At the end of the episode the total scores with the viewers’ votes were revealed. The couple on the top was Priscilla and Christophe!


Next week, Elsa Lunghini, Sabrina and Sting!

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