Dancing with my Priscilla – Week 1

Priscilla on top!

The first episode of Dance avec les stars 6 aired live on Saturday, October 24th. According to the French Wikipedia, the episode was watched by more than 4,9 million people.

Alizée and Grégoire participated in the intro to the show. d_0601_introali

Priscilla and her partner Christophe Licata danced cha-cha-cha to Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody”.

Priscilla’s intro started with a montage of clips from her early years. First was her very first TV appearance on Dôles de petits champions, then a clip from the music video “Regarde-moi”, meeting Britney and a clip from her 2003 concert tour followed by clips from Flashdance.


Priscilla was shown in a recording studio singing a song in English, and then she met her dance partner Christophe Licata. They were shown rehearsing their performance and being interviewed on a sofa. They seemed to have great chemistry and a lot of fun together.



In the beginning of their performance they took selfies with a polaroid camera. Their performance was super energetic and complex. At one point Priscilla did a front walkover and Christophe lifted her on to his shoulders. After the performance all the judges seemed very impressed. One of the male judges jumped up and sang a line from “Maniac” from Flashdance. “Maniac” was also played before the scores were given and everyone in the audience was dancing to it.




After the performance they showed Priscilla’s proud parents in the audience. Btw I find it interesting that they don’t use her last name in the show for some reason. Alizée has always gone by her mononym, but Priscilla started using her last name professionally some time ago. But hey, if you’re a big enough star, you don’t need a last name, right?


Priscilla and Licata received two 8’s and two 9’s, 34 points, which was the best score by margin of 3 to the next couple.



Because I didn’t know anything about the other contestants beforehand (and still don’t), I had no idea how Priscilla would compare with them and what kind of chances she would have on the show. She’s not a big star at all having been pretty much vanished from the public’s eye since Chante! ended in 2011. Her last album was released in 2007! And Flashdance, while having been seen by over 100,000 people, was still quite local, I think, ’cause it was only in Paris, and not everyone loves musicals. But she is quite perfect for the show. She has an outgoing personality and as a TV veteran she can keep up with the banter. She’s youthful and silly, but can also be mature when needed. She’s beautiful and as fit as ever, and she can dance, of course! Priscilla FTW!

The official DALS YouTube channel had a short clip of Priscilla’s performance, but they now have blocked it, and I didn’t even think to DL it. DALS watches YT like a hawk, but there are old videos from earlier seasons that they let be on other channels as well, so hopefully in the future Priscilla’s performances will end up there as well. I wonder if I should pay for a VPN to access the clips on their website…

Episode two airs tonight!

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