Dancing with my Priscilla – Finale

Bitter sweet memories


The finale of DALS 6 aired on the 23rd* of December and was watched by 5,3 million people. It was the highest ratings of the season by 100 thousand, and one of the only two episodes that had more than five millon viewers. Every episode except the semi-finale was the night’s most watched show in France.

The show started with clips of the three finalists talking about their journey. Then it was once again time for some Fauve action, and the three other judges and two hosts joined her and the dancers on stage before all the contestants were introduced, and then the three finalists came on stage. Can you imagine, my Priscilla who was cast in the show only because one contestant became pregnant, and here she was in the finale!


As it had been the case for most of the season, Priscilla, with the voting number 1, was the first to perform, so the song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” started to play as her intro section started. Priscilla and Christophe sat on the stage and watched clips of their performances and reminisced. Oh, them tears.

Their dance was quickstep. Priscilla wore a long pink dress and started by sitting on a glowing ring that was hanging from the ceiling. Before the judges gave their votes, Priscilla was shown some support by video from her family (and manager) and the French singers Patrick Fiori and Matt Pokora (who won the first season of DALS 1 and was a judge in DALS 5). They received 38 points (two tens) for artistry and 34 for technique, so 72 in total.


The second pair up was Olivier Dion and Candice Pascal. Their dance was tango and the song Britney’s “Toxic” in a slow version sung by someone not Britney. They received almost identical points with Priscilla and Christophe, but one point lower for technique, so 71 in total.

And then it was time for the Golden Boy. Nottet and Denitsa’s dance was jazz broadway and their song “Don’t rain on my parade”. Ok he did a great pirouette series in the end. They received a perfect score so 80 in total.

The second dance was the choice of the contestant to choose from their previous performances. Priscilla chose her first dance, cha-cha-cha to “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston. Good choice, but I would’ve liked to see Libérée from the Disney episode again, or the Dirty Dancing number with the lift.


They received their first ten from Chris the hardass Marques, which caused Priscilla to scream. Their scores were 39 and 39 points, so 78 in total.

Before Olivier’s second performance, the profi dancers and judges performed to Mariah’s “All I want for Christmas is you”. All the judges are fabulous.

Olivier Dion chose Bollywood for his dance. Their song was “Jai Ho” (the same song Alizée performed to in DALS 4). Dion sure is ripped. They received supportive messages from Brahim Zaibat (Madonna’s former toyboy, who came in second after Alizée in DALS 4), Olivier’s family and the French singer Vianney. They received 39 and 36 points, so 75 in total.

Loïc Nottet and Denitsa danced to “Chandelier” again. Their support messages came from Jean-Paul Gaultier (Nottet looked like he didn’t know who he is), Nottet’s best friend Justine, skater Taïg Khris (who came in third in DALS 3) and Beverly Jo Scott, his coach from The Voice Belgium + some of The Voice crew (hey he got more messages than the other two!). They received another perfect score of 80 and ran to thank the judges. Oh give it a rest, will ya. (Bitter, who me?)

So then it was time to count the public’s votes. Eliminated DALS 6 contestant, pop opera singer Vincent Niclo sang “All by myself” as clips from the finalists’ performances were shown. Olivier Dion had tears in his eyes. First Loïc and Denitsa were declared safe, no surprise there. And then it was time for Priscilla and Olivier. And Priscilla was safe!


So it was time for the last dances. Loïc Nottet and Denitsa danced freestyle to Queen’s “Don’t stop me now”. There were no scores from the judges, as this was all down to the public now. The voting numbers were changed, so Priscilla was now 2 and Nottet 1, which is a bit weird at the last minute, but whatevs.


Priscilla’s and Christophe’s last dance was nothing short of magical. They danced to Elton John’s “Your Song”. A perfect song for a perfect dance for a perfect pair. The end.


P.S. Loïc Nottet won.

* I tried to post this exactly six months after the finale, but I didn’t try hard enough so it was a few days late.