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Priscilla in DailyMail

As I mentioned earlier, Priscilla attended a star-studded TV award ceremony in Monaco in June. The DailyMail wrote an article about Patricia Arquette at the event, and at the end of the article they put a picture of Priscilla! Here’s

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Priscilla and Alizée with Stars 80 at Stade de France

Priscilla and Alizée on the same stage! (Not at the same time, though.) On Saturday May 9th, both Priscilla and Alizée performed with Stars 80, a group that performs hits from the 80s. Saturday’s concert was on Stade de France,

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Last day of Flashdance

Tomorrow on Sunday the 8th is the last show of Flashdance. This wonderful chapter in Priscilla’s life is closed, but new ones are waiting! Picture from Priscilla’s Twitter and Facebook. As you can see from the picture, she has hurt

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Priscilla: “Flashdance was a challenge”

This is a very nice and informative article from Version Femina magazine. By Cyrielle Bert, published on February 17th, 2015. Flashdance: meeting with Priscilla There is a Flashdance tour planned in France. In March, I will also be in a

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Priscilla Betti – The ex-lolita does the splits

Gala N°1110 (September 17th, 2014) Priscilla Betti – The ex-lolita does the splits Portrait of a young woman who misses no opportunity [Interest rating of article: 4/5] (Article shortened a bit, and some parts left out due to translation difficulties.)

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