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Lorie, Britney, Piscilla – Three girls on top

Priscilla – “My fans always find my mobile phone number!” Teenager (December 2003) Some excerpts from the interview: A casting agent for the movie Albert est méchant saw Priscilla’s picture in a magazine and contacted her record company. Priscilla did

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Stars Live – Special Priscilla issue (2004)

Stars Live Hors-série (Nr 17, 2004) Here’s another special issue (click HERE for the first one I posted about) of purely Priscilla content. Have you ever seen so much cuteness in one magazine? I bet you haven’t. This issue has

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Stars Live Hors-serie Nr 25 – 100% Priscilla!

Stars Live Hors-serie (Nr 25, August/September 2005) All about your favorite star: Her personality from A to Z. Her secrets of love and beauty. Her new album… This is one of the many special magazine issues dedicated to Priscilla. This

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Priscilla: “I have character!”

Priscilla: “I have character!” Tele Z (February 2004) This little article was done for her appearance on 30 tubes de legende: Les années 70 in February 2004. There’s nothing new in the article, so I won’t post the translation. Here’s

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Priscilla’s incredible summer: fourth album at 16!

Télé Loisirs (Nr 1013, July 2005) Priscilla the baby star has become an attractive teen. Interest rating of article: 3-/5. At 16, she released “Bric à brac”, her fourth album. Already! With Cécile, my partner, we immediately understood that we

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