Young Priscilla performing

Priscilla Betti was born on August 2nd, 1989 in Nice, the French Riviera. She was named after Priscilla Presley, but the French authorities didn’t accept that name, so her real first name is Préscillia. She has two older sisters, Sandra and Severine. From an early age Priscilla wanted to become a singer and she performed at local events. In February 2001, at age 11, she performed in a televised children’s talent show Les drôles de petits champions. She was noticed by producer Patrick Debort and signed to Jive Records.

Young promotional picture

Priscilla’s first single ‘Quand je serai jeune’ (When I’m young) was released on September 21st, 2001. The single sold 125,000 copies and peaked at #10 on the French top 100 singles chart. The second single ‘Cette vie nouvelle’ (This new life) was released in March 2002 and peaked at number nine. The song is a cover of ‘What a Feeling’ from the movie Flashdance. Priscilla’s debut album Cette Vie Nouvelle was released in June 2002, as was the third single ‘Bla Bla Bla’. The album sold 50,000 copies and was certified a Silver album in France.

Only six months after the debut album, Priscilla’s second album Priscilla was released in December 2002. The first single, ‘Regarde-moi (teste-moi, déteste-moi)’ (Look at me, test me, hate me), sold over 250,000 copies and stayed in the top ten for six weeks (peak at #5). It was certified Gold in France and remains Priscilla’s most successful record to date. The second single, ‘Tchouk Tchouk musik’, was certified Silver with over 125,000 copies sold. The album sold over 100,000 copies and was certified Gold.

Priscilla performs in concert

In 2003 Priscilla had her first concert tour, and at the age of thirteen she became the youngest artist to sell out the prestigious Olympia venue in Paris. The concert was released on VHS and DVD.

The first single, ‘Toujours pas d’amour (Still without love), from Priscilla’s next album was released in early 2004. It stayed in the top ten singles chart for five weeks (peak at #5) and was certified Silver. The following singles, ‘Toi c’est moi’ and ‘Jalousie’ (Jealousy), peaked at numbers 16 and 21. The album Une fille comme moi (A girl like me) reached #8 in France, her highest peak for an album. It sold over 100,000 copies and was certified Gold. In the years of 2003 and 2004 Priscilla performed numerous times on TV, singing not only her own songs but also covers of popular songs, including hits by Claude François, Vanessa Paradis, Ricky Martin and Shakira.

Toi c'est moi music video

In 2004 Priscilla had a small part in the French movie Albert est méchant alongside Michel Serrault and Christian Clavier. In June 2005, a few days before her 16th birthday, the fourth album Bric à brac was released. Two singles were released from it: ‘Bric à brac’, and ‘Je danse donc je suis ‘. They peaked at number 31 and 45 on the singles chart. The album didn’t have much success: it debuted at number 20 on the album chart, but then started to drop down.

In 2006 Priscilla sang the French theme song for the children’s cartoon Kim Possible.

Chante TV show

After releasing four albums before the age of 18, Priscilla took a break from recording music. She was cast in a new musical tv show Chante! (Sing!) as the main character. Songs from the first season were released as an album called Casse comme du verre (Break like glass) in late 2007. Two singles, ‘Chante!’ and ‘Casse comme du verre’, were released, but they had little success, and the album itself didn’t even crack the top 100. The show, however, became a success and was renewed for three more seasons; the fourth and final season aired in the fall of 2011.

After her TV show ended Priscilla continued to perform at various events. She participated in collaborations, such as a charity single for children, and in 2012 she sang Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” with the vocal group Tale of Voices on their Christmas album. She also started to actively communicate with her fans through social media.

FlashdanceAfter a rather quiet period in her career, Priscilla had a big comeback when in the fall/winter 2014-15 she headlined a musical theater production of Flashdance, which was seen by over 100,000 people in Théâtre du Gymnase in Paris.

Priscilla and Christophe in DALSBut she was to perform for even a bigger audience, as in the fall of 2015 she joined Danse avec les stars 6, the French version of Dancing with the Stars. Priscilla and her dance partner Christophe Licata came in second place and then joined the DALS family on a tour across France in early 2016. Immediately after the DALS tour she went on the road again, as the Flashdance production traveled across France and Belgium in the spring of 2016.

In September 2016 Priscilla was signed to Capitol Music France and her sixth album, La vie sait, was released in May 2017.